Over the years we have undertaken projects for numerous and varied clientele. Some of our clients and projects include:

Federation Council – Bangerang Park Amenities

Works Included, but not limited to the following:

Site preparation and establishment
Construction as per Drawings supplied
Storm water drainage
Sewer / Electrical Connections

Wangaratta Justice Service Centre And Regional Office

External Combustible Cladding Replacement Works, as part of the State-wide Audit.

Removal of all external building aluminium composite panels / fascia including disposal of waste

Remove and replace when required feature screens and louvers

Inspection of existing battens and isolate if fit for purpose or not.

Supply and install to external of building where redundant aluminium composite panels / fascia NEW G2 aluminium cassette panel including fascia in solid colour meeting all manufactures requirements.

Gregadoo Waste Management Centre – City of Wagga Wagga

Construction of the dual access bypass road including drainage works and sealing

Weighbridge office including all associated works and septic system with required absorption trenches

Weighbridge shelter including all associated works

Roads, drains and associated works generally including earthworks, underground drains and pits, swale drains, road pavements, subsoil drains, conduits and any other related works

Residential Construction – Wangaratta

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